Our Goal

Our goal is to help our valued clients to become debt free and financially secure prior to retirement and beyond.

We will develop long term relationships with our clients and show them how to grow their wealth and protect themselves from potential loss due to unforeseen future economic developments. We will educate and mentor our clients to stress free financial security.

Our Team Has Many Years Experience and a  Compliment of Skills to Provide Unique Financial Solutions for our Clients

Our team has over 100 years experience in real estate, insurance,  legal and technology disciplines. We have seen how Wall Street has taken advantage of the homeowner and the economy. We see a cloud forming around public employee benefits, the national debt, and other political and economic factors that will affect our future financial well being.

It is time to protect our assets and prepare for abrupt stock market and real estate declines.

What We Do   

The Ratigan & Associates team members have come together with a unique suite of products and services to: eliminate debt through strategic payments: reduce interest costs for home mortgages that will allow payoff in 5 to 7 years; and reallocate assets to long term retirement solutions that offer tax free withdrawals upon retirement.

Analysis and deployment of systems do not require any “out of pocket” costs. Check out the testimonials for feedback we have received from out satisfied clients.

Our Management Team

Tom Ratigan


Tom has over 30 years experience as a Financial Strategist with various retirement plan solutions.

He has recently focused on public employees whose pensions are massively underfunded by the supporting pension providers. These cities and municipalities are facing bankruptcy due to pension funding requirements and their liability. This puts the public employee’s pension in jeopardy.  Alternatives should be put in place to mitigate this high risk.

Tom is a proponent of Private Reserve Accounts that provide long term asset growth with tax friendly treatment upon retirement.

CA License #: 0C05823

Dennis Sassaman


Dennis has over 50 years of experience in banking, real estate development and project management. He is a serial entrepreneur who has helped transaction based startups through their early growth stage. He has been a “hired gun” to support troubled companies with timely consulting services.

Dennis brings the organizational and financial skills to the team.

Dennis holds an Associates Arts degree in Business Administration from Los Angeles Valley College and completed advanced Real Estate and Business Management courses through the UCLA Executive Studies Masters Program.

CA License #: 0I94148

Herb Silverman


Herb has over 50 years experience in engineering and technical solutions. He is a serial entrepreneur and has helped over 20 startup companies through their early growth stage.

Herb brings the software systems and entrepreneurial acumen to the team to ensure the client is supported by the latest reliable cloud based solutions.

Herb holds a BSEE and MSEE from Northeastern University.